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He dreamed he met Prince. Just him and His Purple Highness drifting through a disused Victorian train station with its network of tunnels beneath. (There’s[…]

fill your pockets with earth IN THE MIDST OF THINGS, funeral bells ring out from the Polish church on his right as he cycles up[…]

Stalker, hard case cinema, and losing it at the pictures Around two and a half hours from now, precisely one hundred and sixty one minutes,[…]

What did you do in the war granddad? Bombs, souvenirs and family legends… FOR MANY YEARS this was a charmed life – the world at[…]


story of a man with two brains THURSDAY NIGHT IN THE WINDY CITY. A solo Kendrick Lamar dressed all in black steps onto a giant[…]

He dreamed he sang in front of a live audience but out of tune. Murdered On the Street Where You Live. Dismayed by his abject[…]

From break-up to wake-up to make-up: how to dismantle an atomic love bomb. Half way up the steep hill, leaning in, a tight sheet of[…]

Lie flat, do nothing; work-resistance on the far side of bliss. Bumpy meet-ups. You and Big History. War and peace. FOR A SUSTAINED PERIOD of[…]

this time on Kaput, love and marriage on the TV, going back to the office, and floating in space At the Venice International Film Festival[…]

An epic fail. England at the football. One naked bottom. The dog that barked. A woman on the verge of disappearing… IT’S COMING HOME… Sunday[…]

In the winter of nineteen forty nine, aged eighteen, his Anglo-Irish father joined a monastery, where for seven years he lived as a Trappist monk[…]

upside-down-movies and back-to-front cinema, sliced eyeballs and skips HE THOUGHT ABOUT, then forgot, and remembered again back-to-front stories at the cinema, a fuzzy historic phenomenon[…]