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He dreamed he sang in front of a live audience but out of tune. Murdered On the Street Where You Live. Dismayed by his abject[…]

From break-up to wake-up to make-up: how to dismantle an atomic love bomb. Half way up the steep hill, leaning in, a tight sheet of[…]

Lie flat, do nothing; work-resistance on the far side of bliss. Bumpy meet-ups. You and Big History. War and peace. FOR A SUSTAINED PERIOD of[…]

this time on Kaput, love and marriage on the TV, going back to the office, and floating in space At the Venice International Film Festival[…]

An epic fail. England at the football. One naked bottom. The dog that barked. A woman on the verge of disappearing… IT’S COMING HOME… Sunday[…]

In the winter of nineteen forty nine, aged eighteen, his Anglo-Irish father joined a monastery, where for seven years he lived as a Trappist monk[…]

upside-down-movies and back-to-front cinema, sliced eyeballs and skips HE THOUGHT ABOUT, then forgot, and remembered again back-to-front stories at the cinema, a fuzzy historic phenomenon[…]

Late last summer… He travels to the funeral cross country. The journey from north to east takes five and half hours, involving three trains, two[…]

The Man at the Window: Watching while working at home. Ten thoughts on lockdown looking as the new reality show.

Kaput on food, work, travel, Paul McCartney, food, smoking, snooping, restaurants, food This was when there was peace in the valley; we hadn’t made our mistake. […]

Sifting through crumbs and farts, it’s the narcissist with his peculiars, his hilarity – his particularity                 In[…]

Cornish holiday, Bait and human sacrifice, Succession on the TV, Left Populism, Kill the Rich Beginning at the end of the summer…   As they[…]