A writer/editor in real life, Kaput shares scenes from his small world.

As some of the material’s upfront and personal, he took a false name. 

Kaput writes about being single, then not being single – ascending heartbreak ridge with a crooked stick and eventually finding love. There is also stuff on culture, family, lone parenting, illness, and the drift through midlife and beyond

The dictionary suggests a real world application for kaput: ‘the water pump’s broken, kaput’. Let’s see if that’s true. 

Some of Kaput’s players: 
Vela, Ex No2, was a long relationship that ended unhappily. The early blog concerns how we move on through looking back. 
The Annoying Son is Kaput’s small fry – but all grown up now.
Ex No1 is the Annoying Son’s mother.
Silba was Kaput’s partner when this blog was still quite new. Then they went and parted.

And in walked the woman from the Essex Borders, Gala, who led Kaput into the woods and back again. Working days in the Psyche Shed, when Kaput moved north, Gala relocated to became his Wife Next Door. But now she’s returned south, they’re happily living apart together by long distance.

Crooked stick, also known as bent nail, is an illness that took two inches off Kaput and he’s not been the same since.