I’m a writer/editor in real life. I wanted to share scenes from my small world. As some of the material is upfront and personal, I took a false name. 

Kaput does culture, existential stuff, and stories of being single, then not being single; ascending heartbreak ridge using a crooked stick and finding love.

There is also family, lone parenting, illness, and midlife. 

The dictionary gives a real world example for using kaput: ‘the water pump’s broken, kaput’. Let’s see if that’s true. 

A word about some of Kaput’s key players

Vela, also known as Ex No2, was a long relationship that ended unhappily. The early stages of the blog cover how we move on by looking back. 

There is my Annoying Son. He is a very nice son. But also annoying – hence the name. He’s grown up now. But still very much on the scene. 

Ex No1 is the Annoying Son’s mother. We were together for ages. And then one day we weren’t together any more. She does a serious job but can also be quite funny. We try not to bicker about the Annoying Son. 

Silba was a partner who happened along after Kaput started. She came from the town of busy roundabouts. We tried, but long distance relationships are hard and don’t always make it.

And then, in through the door walked the woman from the Essex Borders. She works days in the Psyche Shed. He wanted to call her Dr Freud, or the Shrink, but he called her Gala instead. Eventually Gala moved north and became his Wife Next Door.

Crooked stick, also known by some as bent nail, is an illness which took two inches off me.